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Dec 31,  · LIKE & SUBSCRIBE TO Witness MORE Fresh VIDEOS! Subscribe: corinnakopf.top Observe more Fortnite: corinnakopf.top Thanks to everyone who w. Jan 02,  · Twitch streamer Corinna Kopf has announced she is quitting Twitch to leap platforms over to Facebook Gaming. The streamer, who has , followers on Twitch, is moving to Facebook’s gaming platform after Twitch banned her for clothing she wore in an old corinnakopf.topted Reading Time: Two mins. Popular Twitch streamer Corinna Kopf suggests that she could be the next streamer to leave the site after it gave her a ban. Twitch reversed Corinna's ban for wearing undergarments on a stream after it mistook her risque T-shirt for underwear in a Twitch clip from a stream she did more than a year ago.. On Twitter, Corinna Kopf taunted a potential stir away from Twitch, telling her followers that.

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