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Kopf was very first spotted with streamer Turner Tenney at a party in December Their relationship was not officially confirmed until March , when they collective photos together. Tenney wrote, “I might have puny nips and a petite peen, but I still managed to pull this off,” in a caption on Instagram. Nov 25,  · The name of Corinna Kopf beau is Toddy Smith. According to some sources, Corinna Kopf and beau Toddy Smith began dating on early of and even made a movie in February However, it is still hard to tell what is exact truth, as she hasn’t posted a photo or movie on her social media corinnakopf.topted Reading Time: Trio mins. Dec 01,  · Does Corinna Kopf Have a Boyfriend? Yes, Corinna Kopf is in a relationship with her bf named Turner Tenney. She is yet to be married. She with her beau in a relationship since Kopf uploads many lovely and breathtaking pictures with her beau. We can see that they are liking their relationship. Caption: Corinna Kopf with her friend (Photo: Instagram)Age: 25 years.

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