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VIEWS with David Dobrik & Jason Nash is podcast hosted by Slovak-American YouTuber, David Dobrik and co-host Jason Nash. Its very first gig was released on May 15, Wittek's documentary included movie displaying fellow Vlog Squad member Corinna Kopf swinging from the line but commenced to lose balance and almost falling, prompting her to ask to be. david dobrik's best moments rejecting vlog squad damsels / youtubers flirting with david dobrik (corinna kopf, natalie noel, madison beer, riley ried, cindy ki. Dec 24,  · Greatest Pictures Of Corinna Kopf. Recently, the YouTuber Corinna Kopf posted a picture on Instagram that gave a peek at her ample assets. Corrina collective that the photo was taken when she was alone. Corrina was seen sitting in the corner of an in-ground spa beside a pool in the picture. She also sported a [ ].

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