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Generally, people considered part of the Vlog Squad include Jason Nash, Natalie Mariduena, Josh Peck, Zane Hijazi, Heath Hussar, Mariah Amato, Scotty Sire, Ilya Fedorovich, Nick Antonyan and his siblings Vardan and Suzy, Matt King, Toddy Smith, Corinna Kopf, . About. Group of former A-list personalities from the defunct app Vine who would often be seen in the YouTube movies of David corinnakopf.top won the Shorty Award for YouTube Ensemble.. Trivia. The members of the Vlog Squad are seen on the YouTube channel of David Dobrik which surpassed Eighteen million subscribers. Jun 16,  · David Dobrik and his Vlog Squad were under intense scrutiny after an Insider article published an account of rape performed by squad member Durte Dom.. The woman from the Insider story, Hannah, said that she was a sophomore at college when Durte Dom raped her while she was incapacitated by alcohol. The movie was evidently for a "threesome bit" that David was involved in .

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